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Welcome to the website of the company SECO. The company is developing rapidly for over 20 years, creating the highest standards in the production and distribution of footwear accessories.

We offer the highest quality insoles (including orthopedic), fashionable shoelaces in any lengths, colors and thicknesses, products for shoe care from reputable companies and shoe accessories - from shoe horns to shoe trees.

We exactly know what need your feet and shoes. We use more than 100 years of experience of our sister company Barthels - Feldhoff in Wuppertal.

For us, everything is possible: deliveries to central warehouses, chain stores, wholesalers - from brand SECO products to trademarks of our Business Partners (Private Label).

Our motto: "Comfort Your Feet" means that we want to make the feeling to your feet more comfortable and healthy, and shoes have become more chic thanks of fashionable designs shoelaces. We are constantly working on new solutions in the field of design, fashion, functionality, quality and practicality of our products.

Very important for us is every detail: the choice of the best material, method and quality of gluing, abrasion and tear resistance, full repeatability of colors and shades, also precise control of the finished product.

We cooperating with the most demanding customers and brands in all Europe.

Our highly qualified and motivated staff and modern machinery ensures the highest standards of quality and timeliness of even the largest orders.

Our company is located in the central Poland, in Stryków (near the Łódź), near the important junction of higways A-1 and A-2 and expressways S-8 and S-14.






SECO sp. z o.o.

Tymianka 99 | 95-010 Stryków k/Łodzi

Office: (42) 206 80 70
Sales: (42) 206 80 74
Accountancy: (42) 206 80 70 wew. 130 lub 131
Fax: (42) 206 80 79


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